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12 Station Flap Disc Making Machine



▲ It can make flap discs from 100mm to 180mm in diameter.

▲ The backing pads can be either reinforced fibreglass or steel or plastic.

▲ Width of abrasive cloth roll can be changed from 20mm to 40mm depending on different size disc.

▲ Length and numbers of flaps can be changed from form 10" touch screen.

▲ The machine is equipped With DELTA PLC.

▲ Operation Panel is 10" colour touch screen.

▲ The Panel allows to set up various parameters of the machine.

▲ Settting up the machine for a different size takes about 5-10 minutes.

▲ Access to operation has been carefully equipped with safeguard, according to E.C and GB standard.

▲ As regards emission of abrasive dust and to safeguard knives and their guides, the mahcine has been equipped with various intake mouth, onf of which is placed directly in the cutting head.

▲ The machine has been designed in the light of the idea that necessary condition for the best quality of flap disc is to produce them with maniacal accuracy.

▲ The machine will be ready to star its normal operation schedule just half day after installation.

▲ Worker can operate machine expertly after 3 days traning.

▲ Worker will be given detailed instructions concerning each phase of the process, from preparing of roll in abrasive cloth to the cure and how to change Glue.

▲ Smart 250kg Glue pump will save your cost and time.

Production Performances:

Flap Size:                  Width: 20-40mm , Length: 15-28mm , Numbers: 35-150pcs.

Production capacity:12 discs / min (D115mm single flap 72 flaps).

                                15 discs / min (D115mm double flap 72 flaps).

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