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Four Column Press Machine

Four column press machine can produce all kinds of resin bond grinding wheel and vitrified grinding wheel, also can produce sharpening stick and oil stone.It can adopt two auxiliary equipments besides main press machine(one is for producing resin bond grinding wheel,another is for producing resin bond cutting disc and grinding disc).This type press machine can meet customer’s different production requirement.

We use excellent steel materials and professional hydraulic system, which can guarantee press machine running stably, guarantee grinding wheel’s precision. It's easy to operate and running stable.The production capacity is few than rotary type and push type press machine.And the price is cheaper.Generally we design and manufacture four column press machines as client’s requirements

Feeding materials manually --> Leveling manually --> Push the tackle with mold to the worktable --> Press down --> Pull out tackle with mold --> Unloading grinding wheel manually


▲ Simple 4-column structure and reliable operating system.

▲ With movable working table

▲ Easy and practical to change die.

▲ Uses PLC control to make sure that operating sensitive and reliable.

▲ UMechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration.

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