Professional Abrasive Equipment Manufacturer.

  • Packing Machine For Cutting Disc:
  • Packing machine for cutting disc and grinding disc.Specification:100-405mm.

  • Stacking Machine For Cutting Disc:
  • Four column press machine can produce all kinds of resin bond grinding wheel and vitrified grinding wheel, also can produce sharpening stick and oil stone.It's easy to operate and running stable.

  • Spare Part For Making Flap Wheel:
  • Cutting blade,HSS blade,iron mold,plastic mold for unloading flap wheel,etc.

  • Spare Part For Making Flap Disc:
  • Cutting blade,glass fiber backing pad,plastic backing pad,etc.

  • Mold & Mould:
  • Specification:100-405MM.

  • Aluminum Plate:
  • We especially produce aluminum plate for baking grinding wheel in oven. We choose excellent aluminum materials and match aluminum plate on CNC machine, so our plate have high strength and high precision. Any sizes aluminum plate can be produced as client's order.

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