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Mixing Machines:

Mixer is used for mixing the materials of resin bond abrasive wheel ( double tanks:HM120L-D, HM250L-D ),also can mix the materials used for vitrified bond abrasive wheel ( single tank:HM120L-S, HM250L-S).We adopt excellent reducers, hydraulic pressure parts and electronical parts, so our mixer is easy to operate and run stably.





Capacity 80-120kg 80-120kg 200-300kg 200-300kg
Sizes of tank 1000Ф×400H 850Ф×430H
1280Ф×4700H 1100Ф×470H
RPM Blade 48 48 ~67 ~67
RPM Tank ~30 24,~30 ~45 ~45
Power 14KW 22KW 27KW 32kw
Control type Reducer Reducer Hydraulic System Hydraulic System

▲ The rotation speed of Hydraulic mixing machine can be adjusted in stelpless.

▲ We can manufacture the mixing machine especially as your requirements, such as 400L,500L,1000L,etc.

Single Tank:

Double Tank:

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