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Flap Wheel Making Machine

The machine is a professional manufacturer of flap wheel,the main parameters are as follows:

1.Equipment characteristics:

Semi-auto flap wheel machine is for producing flap wheel with shaft, which can slice abrasive clothes auto and place small pieces auto.

2.Main Technical Parameters:

Production specifications:OD(20~80)*(20-30)mm;
Feeding Length For Abrasive Clothes In Pieces :(1-30)mm(adjustable);
Feeding Width:(20-30)mm
Abrasive Clothes No.:30-100 pieces(adjustable)
Operator No.:1 person
Power: 2KW

3.Dimension Of Machine:

Main Machine(L*W*H):800*560*820mm
Electric Cabinet:(L*W*H)600*305*1050mm

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